In a groundbreaking convergence of luxury travel and professional sports, John Deere, the renowned brand synonymous with agriculture and turf equipment, created waves in the world of golf when they chartered a Boeing 767-300 VIP Business Jet through eviAir. This exceptional journey transported 60 professional golfers on the PGA Tour from Moline, Illinois, USA, to Edinburgh, Scotland. The chartered flight, which took place on July 9th, 2023, marked an iconic chapter in both the John Deere Classic Golf Tournament and the Scottish Genesis Open.

eviAir Jet Charters’ Exclusive Services for Sports Teams and Group Travel

In professional sports, every detail matters – from the quality of equipment to travel logistics. That’s where Fly eviAir Jet Charters comes into play. We are not just a luxury charter jet company; we’re a partner in your success. Most recently, we showcased this commitment when we had the privilege of chartering a flight for elite golf players on the PGA Tour. We transported them from the John Deere Classic in Moline, Illinois, to the Genesis Scottish Open in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Boeing 767-300 VIP Business Jet Charter with eviAir

John Deere, synonymous with excellence in the agricultural and turf care sectors, took their commitment to the next level by chartering a Boeing 767-300 VIP Business Jet through eviAir. This monumental occasion saw 60 professional golfers from the PGA Golf Tour embark on a captivating journey, transporting them from the John Deere Classic Golf Tournament in Moline, Illinois, USA, to the Scottish Genesis Open in Edinburgh, Scotland. This unparalleled golf charter experience has set a new standard for luxury and convenience in the world of sports travel.

Boeing 767-300 Business Jet Exterior - John Deere Classic Golf Jet Charter with eviAir

The Boeing 767-300 VIP Business Jet

Setting the stage for this extraordinary journey was none other than the Boeing 767-300 VIP Business Jet. The sleek and spacious design of this aircraft ensured that each golfer’s journey was not just a mode of transportation, but a seamless continuation of their high-end experience. The Boeing 767-300 VIP Business Jet, meticulously curated for comfort and elegance, provided an ambiance befitting the elite athletes on board.

The PGA Tour jet charter journey commenced after the conclusion of the John Deere Classic Golf Tournament in Moline, Illinois, USA. With the Boeing 767-300 VIP Business Jet awaiting them, 60 professional golfers embarked on a journey that transcended the ordinary. Their destination? The Scottish Genesis Open in the picturesque city of Edinburgh, Scotland. This transcontinental voyage not only highlighted the global nature of the sport but also showcased the seamless connectivity that eviAir offers to its discerning clients.

Luxury Meets Efficiency for PGA Tour Golfers

We’re all about elevating the travel experience – ensuring the journey is just as exceptional as the destination itself. For our PGA Tour golfers, we have curated a luxurious, efficient, and seamless travel experience from Moline to Edinburgh. Amid the plush interiors of our aircraft, these athletes found an oasis of tranquillity to relax, strategize, and mentally prepare for the upcoming challenges of the Genesis Scottish Open.

Our goal was to make this international journey feel as quick and comfortable as a drive down the fairway. From prioritizing onboard comfort to ensuring swift and smooth customs procedures, we left no stone unturned in making their journey memorable.

Seabass and Wine Onboard the Boeing 767-300 VIP Business Jet Charter with eviAir

Tailored Services for Sports Teams and Group Travel

eviAir Jet Charters is not just about individual comfort and luxury; we’re about tailored experiences that suit sports teams and groups. We understand that team travel involves synchronizing many moving parts – from coordinating departure times to managing equipment logistics. Our team of charter experts simplifies this process, delivering an unparalleled group travel experience.

Our spacious jets accommodate large groups and are equipped with all the amenities needed to unwind, strategize, or celebrate. Whether it’s a sports team heading to an international tournament, a corporate group embarking on a team-building retreat, or a band heading out on tour, we tailor our services to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Flexible Scheduling, Competitive Pricing

In the world of professional sports, schedules can change at a moment’s notice. At eviAir, we provide the flexibility that these unforeseen changes demand. Our 24/7 customer service team is always ready to accommodate any adjustments to your schedule.

We also understand that budget plays a key role in team logistics. That’s why we strive to offer the most competitive pricing on the market, without compromising our quality and exclusivity.

Elevate Your Team’s Travel Experience with eviAir Jet Charters

With eviAir, your team can enjoy a convenient, luxurious, and tailored travel experience. Just as we did for PGA Tour golfers, we go the extra mile to make your journey memorable and stress-free.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can elevate your team or group’s travel experience. Because at eviAir Jet Charters, we’re not just about flying – we’re about soaring high, just like the champions we serve.