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Traveling with animals? Charter a private jet with eviAir and have your pets safely by your side the whole way. Fly with your dog or cat in the cabin with you on our range of pet-friendly private jets and experience custom catering and amenities for animals. At eviAir, we specialize in animal air travel and ensure your pets are comfortable and secure on board all of our private flights. For secure pet-friendly private jets and peace of mind, enquire today.

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Fly with your dog in the cabin with you when you fly by private jet. Traveling with your cats or dogs in the cabin on a private jet is a great way to ensure their comfort and safety during the flight. It eliminates the stress and anxiety of flying on commercial flights with animals in the dreaded cargo hold. One of the most frequently asked requests we get from clients is ‘can I bring my dog on a plane?’ or whether they can travel with animals on a private jet charter flight – and the answer is always a resounding YES! The eviAir team are experts in animal air travel and have years of experience with pets on jets and handling all animals on board – including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and even snakes on a plane! We understand that your pets are part of the family so all of our flights are pet-friendly and we welcome your animals in the cabin with you so that you and your pets can enjoy a stress-free and comfortable flight together.

Benefits of flying on a 
Private Jet with your pet

The only way to travel with animals

Travelling with your pets on a private jet has many benefits. Obviously, bringing your pet on the plane with you eliminates the stress and anxiety of flying on commercial flights with pets in the cargo hold, which can be quite traumatic for them. Flying private with your pets also ensures that your pets are safe and comfortable throughout the flight, as they can be seated in the cabin with you and wander around. In addition to this, taking your animals on a private jet instead of a commercial airline allows you to bring all the necessary supplies and equipment for your pets such as food, water, bedding, and toys, without having to worry about baggage restrictions. We can also tailor the trips to you and your pets so they can even have their favourite food onboard! Below, we map out the main benefits of travelling with your pets on a private jet:

Convenience and Comfort

Travelling with your pets on a private jet allows you to avoid the hassles and discomforts associated with commercial flights. Your pet will be able to travel in a comfortable and familiar environment, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety for you as well as them!

Animal Safety

Private jets are often equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, which can provide added peace of mind when travelling with your pet. Additionally, you can rest assured that your pet will not be exposed to other animals or potential health risks that may be present on commercial flights.

Flexibility for your furry friends

When travelling on a private jet, you can enjoy greater flexibility in terms of departure and arrival times, as well as the ability to choose your own destination. This can be especially beneficial if you have a pet with specific needs, such as a medical condition or dietary requirements.

Personalized pet Attention

Private jets offer a more personalized experience, with a dedicated crew and staff who are trained to provide top-notch service to you and your pet. This can include catering to your pet’s specific needs, such as providing special meals or administering medication.

Man's Best Friend

Travelling with your pet on a private jet can be a bonding experience, as you and your pet will be able to spend quality time together in a stress-free environment. This can be especially beneficial for pets who may experience separation anxiety or who are prone to stress in new environments.


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