We are delighted to share our special partnership with Beverly Hills Wellness & Aesthetics

Beverly Hills Wellness & Aesthetics (BHWAA) is a part of the founding company Beverly Hills IV Therapy (BHIVT) in Los Angeles, California which was established in 2017. The company currently has partnerships in Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades in LA, Maldives, India, UK, Texas, and Brazil. BHWAA’s bespoke Vitamin therapies are already present in several luxurious locations around the world. From 5-star resorts in the Maldives and premium locations in the UK, Beverly Hills Wellness and Aesthetics also have exciting expansion worldwide. We have quickly grown as one of the Global Leaders in Wellness IV and Vitamin Therapies and continue to grow and expand worldwide adding new locations. We are venturing into Aesthetics and currently looking at introducing new flagship clinics with world renowned partners.